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At Katie B. Photography, we thrive on creating real moments, eliciting genuine emotion and delivering a product of exceptional quality. We take pride in our relationships and the joys we capture year after year…

In just the 2018-2019 school year, Katie B. Photography had the pleasure of capturing the children of Calvary Christian School, Carlthorp School, Meadow Preschool, Samuel Goldwyn Children’s Center, Silverlake Independent JCC, Westside JCC, Sony Pictures Child Development Center, Temple Akiba Early Childhood Center, Universal Studios Child Care Center, USC Alcazar Bright Horizons, USC HSC Bright Horizons, Wonder Preschool, Westwood United Methodist Preschool

We’d love to tell you more (please continue to scroll), but first, from our parents:

“We have no idea how you did it, but you captured the exuberance of our kids beautifully - really beautifully!” - SIJCC Parent

“Thank you SO much - the pictures you took of our son are incredible! We feel so grateful!!” - Wonder Parent

“Thank you for such beautiful pictures of our Amelia. This is our first set of photos at Universal and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much!” - Universal Parent

“I am obsessed with Jagger’s pics - you do an incredible job!” - Sony Parent

“I can’t stop staring at the photos. You did so amazing.” - USC Parent

“Thank you again for the wonderful pictures of Nicholas. We’re so happy with all of them! You captured his silly little personality so well. No one can believe they’re actually school pictures!” SIJCC Parent


A little more about the experience…

Where and when do you take the photos?

We use all natural light and will utilize the most optimal parts of your campus given the time of day and direction of the sun. We have found our “sweet spot” to be between 8 a.m. and 11:30/12:00 when the kids go into lunch. For schools that start at 9am, we like to offer an early drop off to parents so we can start early when the yard is quiet and children are fresh and clean.


Yes! We spend about 5 minutes with each child, capturing them in 3 to 4 areas of the playground, resulting in 10-15 unique images for parents to choose from. We liken these to our portrait mini sessions, providing parents with quality images to hang on their walls, gift to relatives and even produce Holiday Cards from!

WHAT PACKAGES DO YOU OFFER and how Do parents pay?

As unique as your children and school are, so are our packages. Please fill out the below new school questionnaire so we can provide you with pricing that takes your school’s needs into consideration. Each child will receive his/her own online gallery where parents can order their images. Prints are then delivered to school. Your school does not have to worry about printed proofs, order forms, or handling/processing money.


After we take the pictures, it will take approximately 2-3 weeks before proofs are released to the parents online. The ordering of images will be offered for one week after proof release. Prints will then be delivered to school 2-3 weeks later. We offer rush services as well which parents can individually opt into.

what can we do to make the process run smoothly?

We encourage schools to get their parents excited about picture day and provide a web page to send to parents - we find that the more excited parents are, the more prepared they send their kiddies to school (hence our little models) and the happier they are with the end result. We count on either a staff member or a parent volunteer to shuttle kiddies back and forth to class and make sure their faces are clean, hair is in place, pant strings are tucked in and that our backgrounds are as free from photo-bombers as possible. This keeps the day running smoothly and helps us achieve these “can these really be school photos” clean images…


If you are interested in a revenue partnership, please indicate it in the below new school questionnaire - package/print/digital pricing to parents will be adjusted accordingly.


Up to you! At some schools, we photograph children by sign up only, and at others, every child. There is no “right” answer to this! We have found that photographing 25-30 children a day is our “sweet spot”. Parents are not obligated to purchase, even if there is a signup - our minimum order (for parents choosing to order) is $35.

We are already contracted with a company - can we still work together?

Yes! Many of our schools use a backdrop photography company in the fall and bring us in in the spring for a fresh, six month capture - kiddies change so much at this age, parents are always grateful and spring photos make the perfect Mother’s and Father’s Day Gifts!

If you would like additional information, please fill out the below and we will be in touch!

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Some Additional Kind Words from Parents:

“I wanted to chime in just to thank you for the gorgeous, wonderful, amazing, moving, lovely, stunning photos of Benji. You’ve given us such a gift. Forever.” - SIJCC Parent

“These pictures are SO great!" You perfectly captured Molly’s personality in all the photos"!” - Universal Parent

“These are awesome! You’re a miracle worker!” - Calvary Parent

“I’m so happy with how they turned out… and the cap and gown photos made me cry. You captured Sage beautifully.” - Universal Parent

and lastly… our favorite email from the last school year (as we love a sense of humor)…

“Thank you for the amazing pictures you took of my son! He’s usually a pain in the ass to take pictures of so suffice it to say we were pleasantly shocked…” - USC Parent