Universal studios Child Care Center Spring Photos


Hello Universal Families! 

Your children are awesome and we have the images to prove it!  Your portrait galleries are live and ready to view.  Please carefully read the below and then visit the below links to access your gallery.

Ordering Deadlines: 

Your gallery will be live through Wednesday, June 5th with a $30 minimum order.  We encourage you to share your gallery with family and friends who can have their orders shipped directly to them.


Ordering is simple.  Below each image is a shopping cart icon - click on that to purchase that image.  You can purchase individual printed images/packages, canvases and framed prints (great for Father's Day!) and/or purchase a digital download of a single image or your entire gallery (keep scrolling to see all of the options).  Please use the KEEP SHOPPING button when you’re interested in multiple products.  At checkout, you can choose "Pick up at Universal” or choose to have your prints shipped directly to you. 

Please note that any special requests for retouching, BW or color conversion can be added to your cart – please add the image to your cart twice — once for the print/file you would like, then again with the request.  If you invest in your digital gallery your new, selected BW/Color file will be added to your gallery and you will have access to download both versions.  Please keep in mind that some of the images have been converted to BW to distract from a busy background and/or for color cast reasons.  Your retouched or converted image will be sent to you within one week of placing your order. If you order digital files, the download you receive within 24 hours of placing your order may not include your additional images, in which case please be on the lookout for an additional email.

You may see varying crops on printed 8x10 or 11x14 inch prints. To ensure a full frame, consider ordering an 8x12 or 12x18 inch print (we offer custom framing on these prints as well!)

Digital Images:

Images are downloadable in high resolution, sized to print up to 10 inches and include a print release.  You will receive a link to download your images within 24 hours of placing your order.  It is your responsibility to download and back up your files in the week your gallery is live.  If you need to re-download after the week your gallery is live, there will be a $35 per week fee to re-load your gallery. If you are posting your images to Social Media we’d love you to tag Katie B. Photography (and become our friend!) We are on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/katie_b_photography/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/KatieBPhotographyLosAngeles/

Class Photos:

Please check out our Class Photo gallery to view your class photo here.  The password for this gallery is “spring” (case sensitive). You can order your class photo in your individual gallery - choose any image of your child, but add “Class Photo” to your cart.  Please note that if you order your gallery download, it will include an 8x10 inch print of your class photo, not the digital file. Class photos are only available to purchase as prints.

Late Orders:

Ordered images are stored for six months, unordered images may be purged 30 days after your gallery goes live.  Any requests for late orders will be subject to your images still being in our system.  There is a $75 deposit to reload your gallery which will convert to a credit to order your images on late orders. You will see a 20% increase in the prices in your gallery and late orders will also be subject to shipping charges. Wish you had ordered images from the last time Katie B. Photography was on campus? Contact Katie for a re-release.

Due to the custom nature of photography, all sales are final once your order is received.



Please find your classroom link below. You will receive your class Password directly from Universal. Please note, your password is case sensitive. Siblings have their own link that includes their individual photos and please be sure to visit the Class Photo Gallery!

Class Photos: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/universalclassphotos/

Siblings: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalsiblings

Apple: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalapple

Aspen: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalaspen

Birch: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalbirch

Cherry: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalcherry

Juniper: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universaljuniper

Magnolia: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalmagnolia

Maple: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalmaple

Oak: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universaloak

Olive: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalolive

Peach: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalpeach

Plum: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalplum

Plumeria: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalplumeria

Redwood: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalredwood

Sycamore: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalsycamore

Walnut: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalwalnut

Willow: https://katiebphotography79.pixieset.com/?t=universalwilow

Optional Model Release

At Katie B. Photography, we take your child's privacy seriously. We will only showcase images of children whose parents have given us permission and we never identify your child by name or school. To opt in, please fill out the below.

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Optional Model Release

Thank you again for the pleasure of getting to know and photographing your kiddies! If you have any questions, please contact Katie at katiebphotography@icloud.com.  Kindly allow up to 24 hours for return emails and note that emails received after 3pm on Friday through the weekend will be returned on Monday.